Welkom op de Escaperoom website van DelftEscape!
Oude Delft 205A, 2611HD Delft. +31 (0) 15 888 1062


In the diary you can check and reserve your preferred date and time.

If you wish to make a last-minute reservation (less than 24h before the desired time), if it involves a children’s party, or if you wish to reserve multiple time slots/rooms in succession, please contact us directly by telephone.

You are expected to be present 15 minutes in advance. Arriving too late will impact your own play time.
Entering and playing our escape room is entire voluntary and at your own risk.
Visitors younger than 15 years are only allowed access to the rooms when accompanied by an adult and after advance notification by telephone.

DelftEscape and persons acting on behalf of DelftEscape cannot be held responsible for physical or material damage resulting from your visit to DelftEscape.
By making a reservation, you agree to the above terms and conditions.