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About us


Founder (Jacqueline)
Nearly all my life I’ve been working in middle-management in various banks. As part of a teambuilding session I visited my first escape room with my team and the rest, as they say, is history. I got addicted to playing escape rooms, but too often thought “something isn’t right here” or “this could be done better”. Soon I was seized by the idea to build my own room, but one in a distinctive location with a fitting theme. Escape room the Bagijnetoren was thus born. The success of the Bagijnetoren made me long for more, resulting in our latest room, again in a special location on the Oude Delft canal.

Martin Huisintveld

CO-founder (Martin)
I worked in the catering business for a long time and, on the side, regularly organized events and trips for friends and acquaintances. As a hobby, I would play music quizzes in the region. While I did not get addicted to them, I did regularly think “I can do this as well, or perhaps better”. Usually for friends, I began organizing about 4 music quizzes a year. Soon the question “do you do pub quizzes?” was asked. Now I create and present fun diverse quizzes, specializing in bespoke quizzes for parties. Questions may focus on the hobbies, occupation, family, education, holiday locations, musical taste, pets, favourite film, etc., of the birthday girl, retiree, stag or anniversary couple. Of course, a bespoke quiz can also be made about your company or club and played at our location.