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Frequently asked questions

Routinely, we play the Dutch version of the game. However, in the ‘Remarks’ section on the booking form, you can indicate you wish to play the game in English.
Note that there are no language related elements to the game that are essential for completing the mission successfully.

Our rooms are mysterious, rather than scary.
Some may experience the rooms as alarming, but not as terrifying.
Your heart might beat faster on occasion, but we intend for you to have a fantastic experience.
If you would like to leave the room earlier though, this is always possible.
Even accompanied children can play our rooms without a problem.

No, the door will not be locked. You enter voluntarily to complete a difficult and challenging mission.
Anyone can leave the game at any moment.
Note that you cannot re-enter the game once you have left.
You can still join our host in the control room to see how the other brave warriors continue their mission.

You are expected 15 minutes prior to the booked timeslot.
That will allow sufficient time to explain the game, and perhaps have a drink in the reception area or make a last visit to the lavatory.
Arriving on time means you will enter the room at the start of the booked timeslot. Note that if time is lost due to late arrival, you will have less time available to complete the game.

Telephones, lighters, cameras and watches (and all other items that show the time) cannot be taken into the room and must be locked away in one of the trunks or lockers in the reception.
Use of the lockers is free of charge. Other items can also be locked away if you wish to do so.

No, our escape rooms are located in historic buildings and some care must be taken.
The game is very challenging and requires the full power of your brain.
Drinking alcohol and using drugs prior to playing the game are thus strongly discouraged.
Persons who are visibly under the influence will therefore not be allowed to enter or will be removed from the game by a member of staff.

This is difficult, unfortunately.
All our escape rooms are located in historic buildings.
To play the game you will need to be able to use the stairs.

It is most convenient to pay the reservation on the booking site using Ideal.
If you wish to book on account, please contact us directly.
Note that in the entertainment business it is customary to pay in advance.
We are no exception to this and your account will need to be settled prior to your visit.

Absolutely! Children can and may play in our rooms.
It is a condition though that they are accompanied by an adult.

Certainly, all our rooms (possibly with some minor changes) are suitable for children.
Please contact us directly by telephone to discuss the possibilities.

Not a problem.
We can cancel or change your reservation free of charge up to 7 days prior to the booked timeslot.
If you wish to cancel less than 7 days before the booked slot, we request you contact us directly on 015 888 1062.
In that situation, we may need to charge you part or all of the fees.